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hackMCST is the first 24-hour high school hackathon in the suburbs of Morris County founded by high school students to empower high school students.

hackMCST empowers high school students with opportunities to build apps, video games, network, and expand their skills and grow as developers.

No matter what age, skill, interest, hackMCST has something for everyone! From talks to workshops, we engage every hacker!

The code of conduct that is upheld during hackMCST can be found here

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a coding event in which hackers and/or a team of hackers together develop a “hack”. A hack could be anything… a website, an app, or any other invention. Let your imagination run wild!

Who can attend?

Any current high school student in the world can attend! Shoot us an email if you have any questions.

How much does it cost?

Absolute Zero! hackMCST is FREE! That’s the best thing about hackathons. Hackers have nothing to lose! Our incredible sponsors cover the costs of food and swag. However, we are not currently able to accomodate any travel requests. We're aiming for that in the future, though!

Will you provide travel reimbursement?

Sorry, we're currently unable to provide travel reimbursement. We will try in the future!

How long is the event?

hackMCST 2018 is a 24-hour long event hosted at Morris County School of Technology in Denville, NJ. It starts at 10 A.M. on a Saturday and ends at 10 A.M. Sunday.

What if I have never attended a hackathon before?

You have come to the right place! If you’ve never attended a hackathon before, hackMCST 2018 is a great place to begin and dip your toes in the water. There's something for every skill level at hackMCST!

What should I bring?

You are required to bring a laptop, phone, charging cables, student ID, and power strips. Because the event is 24 hours, personal hygiene products and an extra set of clothes are also recommended. And don't forget your mind-blowing ideas!

Do students sleep overnight?

Hackers are encouraged, although not required, to stay overnight as part of the hackMCST experience. There will be designated quiet areas for sleeping. If you do not wish to stay overnight you may be picked up by a parent; however, you will not be allowed to re-enter the hackathon the next day.

Do I need to join a team beforehand?

Nope! We have a team building session during the first hours of the hackathon, so hackers can meet new people who share their interests. Teams are limited to 4 hackers.

Is the event supervised? Who runs it?

Yes! The event is supervised by parent chaperones, Morris County School of Technology administration,and school faculty. Security of hackers is our main priority. The event is run by our awesome organizing team and our dedicated volunteers.

Is this the first time you're hosting an event like this?

No! We have hosted 3 events since 2015. hackMCST was the first 24-hour hackathon to ever take place in Morris County!

More questions or concerns?

Shoot us an email at hackmcstinfo@gmail.com or message us on Facebook!

Learn more about us:
North Jersey

Sat Sun
9:00 AM - Registration Opens 12:00 AM - Midnight Snack
10:00 AM -Opening Ceremony 6:30 AM -Breakfast
10:30 AM -Hacking Begins 8:00 AM - Hacking Ends
12:30 PM - Lunch 8:15 AM - Demos + Judging
4:00 PM - Snack 9:00 AM - Closing Ceremony
7:00 PM - Dinner 10:00 AM - Hackathon Ends

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